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Penerimaan Pegawai BUMN PT PLN (Persero)

09.08.2011 · Posted in BUMN, Elektro, Finance Keuangan, IT Komputer

PLN has a long history in electricity industry of Indonesia. As the sole provider of electricity in Indonesia, PLN is striving to increase quality of services to all Indonesian. In 1972, in accordance with Government Regulation No.17, the State-owned Electricity Company was enacted as a State-owned General Electricity Company and as PKUK responsible to provide electricity to meet public needs. While the Government policy was giving opportunity to the Private Sectors to focus on the provision of electricity, the status of PLN was changed from a General Company to Corporation’ as well as PKUK in providing electricity for public needs until the present.

PT PLN (Persero) is currently opening career opportunities for Indonesian candidates to join and grow with us through Program Rekrutmen Pegawai PT PLN (Persero) Tingkat S1/D4 – D3 Tahun 2012.

General Requirements
* Selection test will be held in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya on Saturday
* Male
* Not married and willing to not get married during the Diklat Prajabatan process
* Born in 1985 or thereafter for S1/ D4 and born in 1987 or thereafter for D3
* Meet the education majoring requirement
* Minimum GPA 2.75 for Engineer and 3.00 for Non-Engineer
* Applicants only allowed to choose one position
* Bachelor (S1)/ Diploma 4 graduated not allowed to apply for Diploma 3 positions
* Sound mind and body to be assigned all over Indonesia
* Placements: Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Papua

Assistant Engineer of Power Distributions (Code: ED)

Bachelor (S1)/ Diploma 4 degree in:

* Electrical Energy Engineering
* Electrical/ High Power Electrical Engineering
* Electrical Power Engineering

Junior Engineer of Power Distributions (Code: TDT)

Diploma 3 degree in:

* Electrical Energy Engineering
* Electrical/ High Power Electrical Engineering
* Electrical Power Engineering

Junior Analyst of Electricity Power Commerce (Code: PNG)

Diploma 3 degree in:

* Computer Engineering
* Computer and Network Engineering
* Computerized Accounting
* Computer Science
* Industrial Informatics
* Information Management
* Information Management and Computer
* Computer Management
* Information System Management
* Information System
* Computer System
* Informatics Engineering
* Computer Informatics Engineering
* Information Technology
* Information System Technology
* Economics
* Economics and Development Studies
* Public Relation
* Finance
* Banking and Finance
* Finance and Sharia Banking
* Management
* Business Management
* Management and Commerce
* Management and Development Studies
* Financial Management
* Banking and Financial Management
* Taxation and Financial Management
* Marketing Management
* Company Management
* General Management
* Marketing
* Development Studies

For those interested candidates, please apply online at : Lowongan BUMN PT PLN

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