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Lowongan Pertanian, Kehutanan / Perkebunan; Bursa kerja 2009

04.22.2009 · Posted in Pertanian Kehutanan

PT Agro Harapan Lestari

Lowongan Kerja Pertanian, Kehutanan / Perkebunan di kalimantan

We are a well established foreign conglomerate having business interest in Oil Palm Plantations, Breweries, Financial Services and Leisure. PT Agro Harapan Lestari is the managing agent for Groups’ plantations in Indonesia, where the Group has a land bank in excess of 75,000 hectares of plantation and mills in Kalimantan Tengah and Kalimantan Timur.
The business model of Agro Group Plantations evolves around building and expanding sustainable plantation projects in the region focusing on adopting the industry’s best practices and deriving operational excellence. We envision becoming a fully integrated player in the industry value-chain to ensure long term sustenance of our business.
In line with our expansion plans and commitments for growth, we are now seeking to recruit high caliber and dynamic professionals to be based in our Plantations

RSPO Coordinator
(Jakarta Raya)


* Qualifications:
o Bachelor’s degree in relevant subject area, i.e., natural resource management, social sciences, agriculture or forestry.
o Proven experience with project and staff management, and proven ability to deal with a range of stakeholders including local community, media workers, NGO, government agencies.
o A minimum of 5 years experience in relevant field of palm oil plantations, ISO certification, eco-labeling, and performance audit.
o Very strong writing skills and superior interpersonal communication skills needed.
o Must be highly organized and able to multitask and work within deadlines.

* Other Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
o Fluency in both Indonesian and English.
o Good knowledge of the palm oil industry and current environmental issues.
o Highly computer literate – extensive experience utilizing Microsoft Office.
o Familiarity with ISO certification system and process would be an advantage.
o Knowledge on sustainable palm oil development, environmental management and conservation, and social sciences.


* Supervisory Responsibilities: Compliance Assistant

* Summary/Function
o Coordinate smooth and credible execution of the roundtable on sustainable palm oil (RSPO) certification systems with Agro Group. RSPO Certification is a system whereby an independent certification body verifies in a written statement that the management system of a defined plantation certification unit is in compliance with RSPO P&Cs (principles and criteria) and National Interpretation (NI).
o The position holders is responsible to manage process and activities to ensure compliance of the palm oil plantations and processing plants (mills) in its business conducts and operations with the RSPO P&Cs.

* Duties and Responsibilities:
* RSPO Coordinator is responsible in facilitating the RSPO Steering Committee at the corporate level to oversee and supervise the implementation of RSPO P&C.

* The key roles of the RSPO Coordinator include:
o Establishment of working groups within all operation units to work on the internalization and immersion of RSPO P&C, and ensure compliance and implementation of RSPO P&C.
o Facilitate improvement of internal system and process to ensure compliance of business operations and practices to RSPO P&C through:
+ Development of framework of certification process and establishing baseline requirements and policy in compliance to RSPO P&C, and monitor the system and implement improvement,
+ Enforcing and correcting any non-conformance to RSPO P&C
+ Tracking progress from all operation units
+ Translating and analysis of gaps and discrepancies, such as non-conformances to monitor efforts to implement corrective actions.
+ Establishment of management system to ensure consistent compliance to the standard requirement and to maintain record of compliance,
+ Coordinate stakeholders consultation and public engagement in certification process
+ Creating a new mindset of top management cascading to workers and contractors to comply with the RSPO P&C and National Interpretation (NI), and improve the management of all operations units and business model in day to day activities.
+ Further enhance the current corporate culture, structure, and processes, and relevant policies in conformance with RSPO P&C.
+ Organize management workshop on RSPO and conduct training on RSPO P&C from top management and cascades to staff, workers and contractors.
+ Exercise stakeholders consultation and engagement during the certification process
o Closely work with the consultant to perform pre-assessment on initial internal audit to identify gaps and discrepancies of business operations and practices to RSPO P&C, and follow-up recommendation on the implementation to mitigate and address emerging issues related to the implementation of RSPO P&C.
o Perform periodic internal audit to verify non-conformances and perform program activities and corrective actions on non-conformances.

If you got what it takes to take on the challenge, please submit your application within two weeks indicating the job code of the post applied in the subject column to:

Closing Date: 13-5-09

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