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Lowongan Penerimaan CPNS LIPI Tahun 2013

08.20.2013 · Posted in Lowongan CPNS - PNS

Lowongan Penerimaan CPNS tahun 2013 – LIPI

In FY 2013 received CPNS LIPI back after 2 years (2011-2012) did not get a formation. This year a total of 250 planned formations which opened only for candidates researchers

Special Requirements

In addition it also imposed several special conditions for CPNS LIPI:
• Have the necessary competence.
• Minimum age 18 years. Maximum age of 30 years for applicants educated S1, and 35 years for applicants educated S2, and S3 40 years for applicants. Age limit is calculated based on the determination of TMT employess plan in accordance with the Ministry of PAN and RB which is dated December 1, 2013.
• Age last diploma maximum of 6 years.
• Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.75 to 4.00 scale.

General Requirements:
• Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.
• Fear of God Almighty.
• High integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.
• Candidates Domiciled not as Servants / Public Servants in other agencies.
• Not located as a member of a political party or committee.
• Never dismissed with respect as servants or private employees.
• Not been sentenced to imprisonment by a court having binding legal force.
• Willing to be placed throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia or any other country that the government is determined.
• Good behavior.
• Physically and mentally healthy.

Administrative Requirements
At the time of online registration:
• Photographs.
• Copy of last education diploma legalized.
• For admissions process employess, Diploma of Education last required, while the Certificate of Graduation NOT APPLY. For graduate applicants from abroad, are required to attach a Certificate of Equalization of Diploma of Higher Education – Kemdikbud, or has applied for a Certificate of Diploma Equalization.
• Copy of latest educational transcripts legalized.
• Photograph in JPEG file format with a size less than 30 KB. While the file copy of diploma and transcript scanned into a digital file in PDF format with a size less than 500 KB.

At the time of physical verification before the written test:
• Test Participants cards are printed directly from the site LIPI SIPC.
• Copy of last education diploma legalized.
• Copy of latest educational transcripts legalized.
• KTP.
• The file must be indicated on the verifier officer at the site.

At the time of the interview examination:
• Test Participants cards are printed directly from the site LIPI SIPC.
• Copy of last education diploma legalized.
• Copy of latest educational transcripts legalized.
• KTP.
• Final project / thesis / dissertation.

Writing Exam
Type and material written test:
Basic Competence Test (TKD):
General Knowledge Test (TPU)
Scholastic Talent Test (TBS)
Test Maturity Scale (TSK)
Competency Test Field (TKB):
• English
• Knowledge Science and Technology
• Each material has a weight: 20 percent (TPU), 20 percent (TBS), 30 percent (TSK), 15 percent (English) and 15 percent (Knowledge Science and Technology) in total value.

Final certainty formation, registration of applicants as well as the opening of the implementation schedule will be announced later. For that please continue to follow the information through this website. In general, the requirements and administrative procedures are not much different from previous years. More information can be downloaded from the following link.

Click Here : Lowongan CPNS LIPI
Expired : September 2013

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